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She-Is • PSA


August 2017


For our August volunteer opportunity, we explored skilled volunteering by producing a PSA. With our all-female volunteer team, we were able to produce, shoot, and edit a beautiful dance video that captures the powerful mission of She-Is.

In late September, we hosted a PSA Premiere & Fundraiser Party. Guests enjoyed an open bar and hors d'oeuvres, witnessed the Premiere of our PSA and participated in our silent auction to benefit She-Is, featuring donations from local community members. More info here.


The PSA is in Post-Production:

Coming Soon!




Supervising Producer

 Executive Producers

Director of Photography

Edited by


 Consulting Producers

Assistant Camera


Unit Stills Photographer

Graphic Design


Special Thanks

Alexis Gilbert

Isabella Grosso

Zuzana Lova
Jessica Richens

Erin Umphenour

Allison Tate

Alexis Gilbert

Amanda Horning

Amber Hodgkiss

Mary Kenny

Jeanne Tyson

Alyssa Carroll

Colleen Evanson

Lillian Ritchie

Michelle Leibel

Lizzie Sam

Ana Flores

Maria Simoes

Mel Orpen

Mary Kenny

"For Now" by Marissa Lauren

Hunter Street Studio:  Tomas Muscionico, ThiAnh Tran
Bianca Caruso, Alicia Yaffe, Michelle Martins


I recently helped produce my first short film alongside Mary Kenny, and fell in love with the whole process. I was amazed at what one could achieve on a low budget, with the help of talented and supportive people. It was so much more doable than I thought, and also incredibly rewarding. After we wrapped the short, Mary and I went for a caffeine fix to discus how wonderful the whole experience was...


This lead us on to the discussion of what I was thinking about doing for my Volunteer month. While riding the high from the success of our first short (and a little more caffeine), we came up with the idea of making a short or PSA to benefit a non-profit organization. We knew that within resisterhoodLA and our personal network, many of us were involved in the entertainment industry. What better way to use our talents and resources than to create something for a non-profit organization? It's not only fulfilling for our skilled volunteers, but raises awareness for the chosen organization.


Sex Trafficking and Sexual Abuse are causes I have always been interested in. They are silent epidemics that take place throughout the United States and the world, creating social havoc for the children, adult survivors, and society. It can be prevented and it can be treated with a conscious and sustained effort. I knew I wanted to shine a light on this cause.

I also knew I didn't want it to a little different than a standard PSA, for it to be more than just an informative piece to camera. We wanted to tell a truthful story, move people and raise awareness in an artistic and thought-provoking way. When I found out about SHE-IS and the work they do, helping survivors of sexual abuse to heal through dance, I knew straight away they were the organization for me. We
 would create an incredible PSA and tell the whole story through the beauty of dance.


We handled a lot of the logistics via email. After chatting with Isabella Grosso, the founder of SHE-IS, we decided we would have 5 survivors do a 3-minute dance, which they choreographed themselves. The dancers being real survivors of sexual abuse made the project that much more powerful, raw, and truthful. The music we choose was also an original piece from a supporter of SHE-IS, singer/songwriter Marissa Lauren. SHE-IS provided facts regarding abuse, trafficking, and the therapeutic qualities of movement, that would inspire our visuals.


The shoot day was absolutely incredible. We managed to get a wonderful studio in Downtown LA, Hunter Street Studios, where we where able to shoot from 10-4. Our entire volunteer crew was made up of female filmmakers! Many of our volunteers were brand new to resisterhoodLA: it was great to meet and work with new, like-minded people, wanting to help and to make a difference.


Watching these young girls come together, dance their hearts out, and create something so beautiful from something so ugly was truly mind blowing. When we did the final take, I don't think there was a dry eye in the studio. It truly was incredible, and moved us more than I can possibly say. I was honored to have had the opportunity to spend 6 hours with such incredible and inspiring women.

Contributed by Amber Hodgkiss, actress & proud Wiganer.
You can find Amber on instagram.


SHE-IS is a LA based Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing a supportive environment for young girls who are survivors of  sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We inspire young girls between the ages of 11-18 to re-take control of their body, to overcome feelings of shame, anger, mistrust and betrayal, while reinforcing a new sense of pride in themselves. And we do all this by the healing power of dance.

SHE-IS provides a support system by partnering up with existing non-profits, offering dance classes at various locations in the greater offering services worldwide. Dance is an interconnection between body, mind, and spirit that can provide emotional, physical, and social support after life changing traumas. Dance has proven to be therapeutically effective through non-verbal expression of body and mind.

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