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We've met our goal! Thank you.

We're building 2000 hygiene kits for our unhoused neighbors and we need your help. One of the most important elements of our kits is the "note of encouragement." This is the perfect opportunity for volunteers of all ages.


Please read through all of the following instructions before writing. We appreciate the time, thought, and energy you’re putting into this – and so will the recipients! We ask that you use your best judgment when writing, and keep your language both universal and accessible.

*If you can write notes for us in a language outside of English or Spanish – please let us know in the “Anything you’d like to add” section at the bottom of the sign-up form! We will reach out if there’s any need.

Print this list of guidelines!

After filling out the form below, you do not need to wait for a confirmation from us. You can begin!

Guidelines for writing notes

  • We need to receive your notes via mail by Friday, November 6 

  • Please make your notes 8.5" x 5.5" or smaller

  • Any paper works (printer paper, note cards, etc.) 

  • If including envelopes with your notes, please don't seal them

  • Handwritten is preferred!

  • Make your lettering or drawings as elaborate, colorful, and fun as you’d like

  • Feel free to get artistic and creative with this – take your time, don’t rush!

  • You can sign your note with your first name if you'd like, but not required

  • Notes in Spanish are welcome

Below are some things to keep in mind when writing these notes:


  • Keep it thoughtful, considerate, uplifting

  • Use gender-neutral language 

  • Remember that everyone has different backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks – refrain from employing any specific faith-based language, we want our notes to be universal!

  • Similarly, remember that everyone has different abilities – embrace accessible language whenever and wherever possible

  • Be mindful not to dwell or emphasize anything fearful or negative – this is a tough time for a lot of folks, and we want these notes to be supportive and joyful

  • Avoid judgment or bias of any form – our role is to be caring and understanding

  • Consider the language and tone you use – ask yourself, what would feel genuine to read if you were on the receiving end of this note?

If you're writing a more in-depth note of encouragement: 

  • Keep the focus on the subject and person you’re writing to – the purpose of this is to be giving!

  • Keep the information you share about yourself limited – as mentioned, you’re welcome to sign off with your name, but be mindful of what else you include (e.g. no contact info!)

  • Be mindful not to make promises that cannot be followed through on (and not to make any specific offers to buy or send things) – you are already providing a great resource just by writing this note and providing encouragement 

  • Be thoughtful to only mention accessible things – not everyone has access to the same resources as you! (e.g. no hobbies, activities, or media that cost money, are behind paywalls, require membership – yes, even Netflix! – etc.)

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