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Bendy Beer Benefit for UpRising Yoga


July 2018

Photos by Abi Kalkura


For our July event, join us at Iron Triangle Brewing DTLA for a yoga fundraiser to benefit Uprising Yoga, a yoga life skills program for incarcerated youth and underserved communities.


Your $25 ticket includes a donation to UpRising, a 1-hour yoga class, a beer, and music & bar games! 



10:00a - 10:30a check in

10:30a - 11:30a vinyasa yoga session taught by Cara Ostrow

11:30a - 12:00p informal q&a with UpRising Yoga reps

12:00p - 2:00p beer & bites & entertainment


Make a tax-deductible donation to support UpRising HERE.


I began practicing yoga at the age of 14 through my middle school. Each week on Friday afternoon, myself and 8 other young girls would move the tables and chairs to the perimeter of a classroom and practice our downward facing dogs.


I didn’t realize it then, but starting a practice of mindfulness and physical self-care would have a huge impact on my life down the road. I learned to have patience with myself, appreciate my body, and develop habits that have benefitted, and will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life. I feel so grateful to have had the privilege of being exposed to this practice so early on in my own development, and feel that every adolescent could benefit from similar exposure at such a young age.


Flash forward to about a year ago, I found myself on a new journey to develop a more wholesome lifestyle. I re-invested in my own self-care practices, got certified to teach yoga, and made a commitment to volunteer more. I joined ResisterhoodLA and immediately connected with the mission and service opportunities offered through the organization. I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to blend my passions of yoga, event planning and community service.


While researching non-profits in the yoga community, I came across Uprising Yoga, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to incarcerated youth as a form of trauma healing. Upon speaking with Jill Ippolito, the founder of Uprising Yoga, I learned that the best way to help would be to raise money for the organization. Uprising Yoga uses donated funds to pay their teachers, and set up trauma-informed teacher training workshops across the world. Being an event planner & yoga teacher, I knew I could plan an event that could raise a large sum of money, and benefit both the recipients and the participants.


What better way to raise money for a yoga-based organization than by practicing yoga ourselves? I was excited to use my new teaching skills, and donate my time as a yoga instructor for a great cause. I worked with Iron Triangle Brewing, who graciously donated their space for us to practice in. What better way to reward participants than with delicious beer, brewed at the venue! I was able to raise the funds through a birthday fundraiser to cover the minimal event costs so that all proceeds from ticket sales could go directly to Uprising Yoga. And just like that, A Bendy Beer Benefit was born.


Over 25 people showed up on the morning of Saturday, July 28th to stretch and sip. The space was beautiful and open, as were the positive vibes and personalities that joined. We practiced yoga for an hour, with special hands-on adjustments provided by Sky Spiegel, and live DJ’d music provided by Wasef. Afterwards, we were able to chat with Orlando Suarez from Uprising Yoga. He thanked us for our efforts, and gave us great insight into what the organization does, and how yoga is beneficial to incarcerated youth. I was struck by the transformation that the youth experience after even just one yoga class. We were able to raise $1000 in donations to help maintain this inspiring and impactful organization.


I always say that yoga isn’t about flexibility or the poses, it’s about showing up. Through planning this event, I learned that there are wonderful people in my community that will show up for not only themselves, but also those who need it the most. My heart is filled with gratitude, and I am even more motivated to continue showing up and doing the good work.


Contributed by Cara Ostrow, Event Producer & Yoga Instructor.


The mission of UpRising Yoga is simple: to bring yoga to incarcerated individuals and underserved communities. UY teaches yoga to heal trauma with incarcerated youth, children with a history of foster care and/or commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC), and communities that need it most. UY offers many free yoga classes, (teaching over 40 classes per month and compensating yoga instructors) and hold trauma informed yoga trainings establishing a stronger community.

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