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resisterhoodLA is taking a hiatus while I attend graduate school - in the meantime, we encourage you to donate to our friends at SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition.

I'm looking forward to organizing with you again soon!


Mary Kenny

Founder & Executive Director

Resisterhood LA, Inc. is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public-benefit nonprofit corporation, EIN 82-3554233. Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

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The specific purpose of this Corporation is to enact positive change in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding communities and promote and facilitate volunteer efforts, philanthropy and fundraising by:

(i) providing volunteer, financial and other support for charitable and nonprofit organizations;

(ii) creating, developing, facilitating and/or operating original community programs and events that benefit the greater Los Angeles community and/or those within that community;

(iii) organizing, producing and/or hosting events that promote and/or support other nonprofit organizations; and

(iv) educating the public about ways to advocate for, engage with and support their community.

Additionally, this Corporation may engage in any activities that are reasonably related to or in furtherance of its stated charitable purposes, or in any other charitable activities.

Resisterhood LA, Inc. is a 100% volunteer-run organization.

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